Equipped with extensive coaching certifications and years of executive leadership experiences, my coaching strategies will give you the real-world tools and practices you need to win in life and career. It’s time to transform your mindset and achieve the growth you need to get your next promotion, land your dream job or grow your business.  

Your transformation starts within.

A good strategy does not execute itself without action. Together, we’ll discover the steps that will lead you to the life you want. Friend, you have greatness inside of you. It’s time to explore your passions, discover your gifts and transform your life. 
Are you ready?

here's what i know for sure:

Private 1:1 Coaching

This is the safe space you need to process your passions and excel in your life. 

Meet with me 1:1 via Zoom. Together, we’ll find meaning in your past experiences and leverage each lesson to build a path as unique and powerful as you are. Your future is limitless, and so are you. My dreams are wrapped up in yours, and I’m thrilled to watch you win in all areas of your life.

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Group Coaching

There is power in numbers. 

Group coaching allows you to reap immense value from a structured program. You’ll benefit from the support and accountability of others whom you can relate to and share your personal journey with. Specific themed programs run year-round. Whether you’re in an organization of 1 or 100,000, the journey can often feel lonely. This 2 to 3 month program is for leaders at all levels who desire the benefits of both community and coaching. 

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Executive Coaching

The next level of leadership.

Accelerated onboarding helps newly appointed leaders, and new employees assume their new role, clarify expectations, identify key stakeholders, and develop an action plan for success. This is a confidential and supportive environment where we’ll address key challenges unique to executive leadership. This track is for leaders who wish to increase business performance while becoming more effective and authentic in every area of life. We’ll focus on organizational alignment, strategic planning, emotional intelligence, team building, creativity, stress management, effective communication, conflict management and more. 

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What clients are saying // Testimonials

For the first time in my life, I know what fulfillment feels like. 

— Joseph R.

“I’ll admit, I didn’t think Coaching was for me, but I was tired of feeling stuck in life. Unable to shift my thinking and allow myself to experience true growth in many areas of my life. I also had a job that wasn’t taking me anywhere financially. After several sessions with Jonathan,  I could start to see a shift in mindset and the transformation occurring in my life. I felt comfortable and connected with Jonathan, which opened me up to endless possibilities. I have gained so much confidence in my abilities. My family has experienced this transformation and for the first time in my life, I know what fulfillment feels like.” 

I felt stalled. Now I see a clear path forward!

— cindy j.

“I was stalled in my advancement to reach my goals. Jonathan’s friendly demeanor and coaching style made it easy for me to talk to him. His great listening skills and thought-provoking questions challenged me and helped me figure out what is important. The homework during our coaching sessions proved to be valuable as we worked together to chart a course for my success. As a result of our coaching sessions, I have so much confidence to reach my goals and I can see a clear path to get there. I am so glad I chose him to be my coach. Thank you so much Jonathan! I am ever grateful for all your help.” 

I was feeling overlooked for a promotion…

— edward l.

“I was feeling overlooked for a promotion...Jonathan’s career transition experience has been of great help, guiding me and supporting me throughout my journey. I have gained so much clarity and direction with Jonathan as my career coach. I have become aware of true passions through the sessions. Thank you, Jonathan, for being my career coach and finding out what motivates me. I highly recommend this, no matter what they are dealing with.”