Learn how to win in life and career without self-sabotaging it.

How to Get What You Want In Life // Course

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What clients are saying // Testimonial

I was feeling overlooked for a promotion…

— edward l.

“I was feeling overlooked for a promotion...Jonathan’s career transition experience has been of great help, guiding me and supporting me throughout my journey. I have gained so much clarity and direction with Jonathan as my career coach. I have become aware of true passions through the sessions. Thank you, Jonathan, for being my career coach and finding out what motivates me. I highly recommend this, no matter what they are dealing with.” 

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Fear of success kills more dreams than fear of failure ever will. This course is the key that will take you from where you are in life to where you truly desire to be.

This life map will guide you through discovering your unique passions, finding your lost ambitions and empowering yourself.

We’ll discover what it is you truly want out of life and unpack how you are going to get it.

Do you struggle with fear of success?

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About Jonathan Crawford

There was once a time I didn’t believe this for myself. I was immersed in a life I did not want. A life of unfulfillment, isolation, self-sabotage, lost dreams and fear. I was stuck in a cycle many never come out of. I had no money. I had no career. I was at rock bottom. I knew my fear would either hold me back or propel me forward. I chose the latter.

I chose to step out of my comfort zone, overcome my fear, and build confidence in my abilities. Words cannot express my gratitude to be able to accomplish my dreams and I cannot wait for you to accomplish yours, too.