Hello, I’m Jonathan.

I'm passionate about guiding leaders to their greatness. I teach leaders how to love who they are and become truly great at what they do.

I believe that empowering your greatness will change your life.

I believe fulfillment is found by exploring your passions and then taking fearless action.

I believe living a life of fulfillment is the true measure of success. 

I believe you will change the world. 

There was once a time I didn’t believe this for myself. I was immersed in a life I did not want. A life of unfulfillment, isolation, self-sabotage, lost dreams and fear. I was stuck in a cycle many never come out of. I had no money. I had no career. I was at rock bottom. I knew my fear would either hold me back or propel me forward. I chose the latter.

You have no idea how difficult it was to shift my mindset from a life of dysfunction to CEO. I had to learn how to believe in myself just to apply for a temp position at a company. But I did not stop there. I kept putting in the work. I kept transforming my mindset. I kept asking for help. I kept going. I learned how to win in life and embrace success.

And I can prove it.

I applied myself and received 7 promotions within 14 years.

I radically shifted my mindset, rediscovered my passions and completely transformed my life. I became the board appointed President & CEO of a global telecommunications company specializing in satellite technology and launched a leadership coaching program to help world-changers like you win in life and career, too.

Today, I experience joy and fulfillment in all areas of my life. I love spending time with my beautiful family, cycling, traveling, exploring new restaurants (I’m definitely a foodie), watching inspiring movies, and mentoring leaders like you. I have become my wildest dreams, and you can, too!

I chose to step out of my comfort zone, overcome my fear, and build confidence in my abilities. Words cannot express my gratitude to be able to accomplish my dreams and I cannot wait for you to accomplish yours, too.

Change is a choice. Once you decide to make it happen, it will.

Let's work together.

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